Get to know our CEO - Felicity Borg

Hi I am Felicity Jane Borg the CEO and chief hair stylist of the Funky Parlour.

Felicity Borg

What are your qualifications? I am Master Stylist and Beauty Therapist

Years in the industry: I have been a hairstylist for over 20

What is your favourite hair style to do? I love a vintage style. Whether it be a men’s pompadour, slick back, or a quiff or with women some glorious victory rolls or soft finger waves.

What do you love most your job? The transformation gives me the most satisfaction. Whether it be a client walking out with wonderful hair or refreshed skin.

What is your favourite hair colour? If the store doesn’t help you guess it is Purple. I love fun, bright colours.

Who is your favourite actress? Definitely Lucile Ball

What are your hobbies and interests? To name a few I enjoy ghost hunting, oracle cards, mediumship reading, camping, sewing, jewellery making, making flower hair clips and watching YouTube.

What do you do in spare time? Does spare time even exist?

What celebrity would you have a cup of tea/wine with? Francis Farmer but if I had to pick one who is alive Angelina Jolie.

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