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Let’s Talk Waxing

Hi Dolls, Divas, Greasers and Teddy Boys I felt it was time for another Ms Flick story time so what to share hmmm let's just keep pondering as I mirander along and I am sure one will come to mind.


let's talk about Waxing

So I know some of you say it's a piece of cake and then there are those of you whom have a waxing party you know wine and chips and waxing and a shit load of belly laughs and do it at home THEN....there's the diyer that does it in secret and that is the time shit goes down hill very fast believe me I know.

Now I am a beauty therapist and I know what to do and not what to do though you know we do none of that on one's self by that rules stuff only 1 rule do not EVER double dip in the wax pot YUK! With that rule the God rule all others are gone. So how hard could it be to wax your legs, armpits, and bikini line if your making good time why not throw in the arms too right. Now full of ambition and thoughts of I do Mrs S's waxing in 45 on me it should take 15 mins WRONG!! Oh I tried and 3 hours later, panting, swearing and looking for bourbon for the pain and phoning a friend to come get it off cause the pain is unbearable and you just can't pull the strip off. Oh we have been here at some point.

Words of wisdom do not try this at home yourself.

Waxing is a very personal service experience between yourself and your Professional Beauty Therapist feeling safe and comfortable while exposed in many ways you want to know your in safe hands. Even for just your brows or lip.

Just recently I decided to treat myself to a eyebrow wax and lip wax I was horrified after no cleanser pre wax was used then after the first wax she put the same stick back in the pot and she proceeded toward my lip again and I said NO! I jumped out of the chair and I left.

Why? It is extremely unhygienic where disease and germs can breed in the pot as it's kept a a warm temperature. New stick each dip is the way the only way. Pre cleanse and after wax care for ALL areas of waxing. As for cartridges roll on 1 per person is the best practice.

This is how it is done in our salon this is the way the only way.

If you have experienced this treatment as I did know your best intrest is in our best intrest for your personal care.

Written by Felicity Borg

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