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The Silly Season

The silly season just what is ment by this? You could say some feel it's overrated and everyone not thinking and buying up things they don't need too cause more is best.


One could say it's the time to be in rapport with everyone you meet to be happy have fun times and spend time together giving meaningful gifts gifts they maybe small yet a lot of thought went into the gifts being purchased. Why because maybe the person doesn't pamper themselves and this could mean more to them. This just might be what they need a facial or a Blowdry treatment package.

Do you listen and actually hear what your nearest and dearest say to you? Oh babe I could just have a head massage I have a headache or I feel so tense. He might like a scalp massage and hair wash with his next haircut it's not much but it says much, you heard. Just maybe your wife would like a colour and a new style cut but won't cause she doesn't want to break the budget, has no time with work and the kids. This gift means more than words to her. The time out, rnr even just for 2 hours it says a thousand words. When did you last see her flip her hair like she used to?


What about Nanna she would love a Style cut or even just 4 weeks of blowdrying once a week for 4 weeks to feel special. What about a nice salon shampoo pack that they can't afford on the pension they look forward to those things. My Nan loved and looked forward to it each special time of the year. I loved giving it to her as it was more special for both of us.

Thinking about this how meaningful is your gift? Yes it's the thought that counts which is exactly what I'm saying here. We are taught to be grateful though if you are giving away or hiding that gift are you grateful? Would you not prefer to know you were being acknowledged by those whom love you the most like they say it's the small things that count. How about not having anxiety about the gift your giving knowing how your loved one knows you listen and care. A gift voucher and a professional hair or skincare pack says many words.

Love to all happy Silly Season

Flick Borg xx

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