Laura is a registered Nurse & Beauty Therapist. She loves to provide her clients with a holistic model of care that not only encompasses whole body health but also empowers them to be an active part of their health and wellness journey. Her favourite beauty treatment includes anything that entails collagen. Laura recommends collagen as it is amazing for you both internally and externally. As a mum of 3 kids Laura has care and compassion for everything she does.


Sammy is a nail technician with 2 years in the industry. Her favourite treatment is a pedicure because it gives the client a sensation of relaxation and Sammy thrives off knowing her client has had a soothing experience. She loves being able to impress her clients with different designs and nail art and loves a nice deep purple polish. In Sammy’s spare time she plays with her dog, camps and spends time four wheel driving.


Felicity is a Master Stylist Beauty Therapist and the CEO of The Funky Parlour with 18 years in the industry. Inspired by actresses including Lucille Ball she is in love with the vintage hair styles of the 40’s and 50’s. With hair and beauty skills up her sleeve Felicity loves to be able to transform her clients whether it a fresh new colour or refreshing skin pamper.


Linda is a Senior hairdresser with 28 years in the industry. She loves a bombshell blonde and being able to create a stunning up-style. She is a family woman and it shows with her enthusiasm and care for every client. Linda loves to make every client feel amazing and leave the parlour feeling like a star.


Ryan is a 1st year apprentice barber who is moved into his role with ease. He has a great eye for detail and his favourite men’s style to do is a skin fade. In his spare time, he likes to skateboard. Ryan fits into The Funky Parlour well with his enthusiasm for bikes and fast cars.

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