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Your Crowning Glory

What is your crowning glory but is it not your hair? This saying is once said for the luscious locks and long locks of hair in the days of old. Or is it old or not?

Call it what you will we all love our hair to some degree, its just someof us treasure and nurture their hair and scalp more than others.

Some could say oh your so vain about your hair whilst wishing inside they had taken better care of theirs. This is something in my industry that I hear alot the should've could've and the would'ves by this time it is too late for some.

Thining and baldness can be things we do to our hair and scalp and gamers yes you there is a baldnes pandemic from headphones, not the kinda baldness you want right?

So you know what to do more speakers and less headphones more brushing of the hair and scalp. Then there is the type from our gene pool it can be prolonged also with brushing less hat wearing for our gentry yes and the brushing. Use of conditioner after shampooing helps too as it moistens the scalp really what grows out of leather? Not a thing P.S. massage helps ALOT! Bribe your loved one to massage your scalp once aweek you both just might like it.

Curly hair my favourite i'm in this one I have straight on top and curls underneath Really!! what is with that? I got my Nans fine hair to go with is. Though to be gratefull it makes my hair appear full when a wavy hot mess crossed with Eienstiens sisters hair look going on. Curly hair is hard work though easy at the same time.

I once remember reading in the Cleo magazine (showing my age) Taylor Dane a model singer said "my hair and I get on famously now that I agreed to do my thing and it does its and it works" Let those curls just be some days if you get out of bed and they are on fleek just go with loeave it be only you know you done nothing. I do this alot and get the most comments good ones. What I do towel dried clean hair after 2 shampoos 1 conditioner mids and ends then massage through. When done in the wash cycle hope out shower towel squeeze dry a little leave in conditioner and light serum dry myself and get dressed then only then brush with a tangle teaser and off to bed.

This is where I lay down in bed I get my hair and pile it on top of my head like a scrunched ball and when i get up presto no brushing, combing just a light tweak with fingers and out the door too easy. The right moisturising shampoo and conditoner helps alot. I use Delorenzo volume shampoo and the hydrating conditioner I like soft volume.

Well this is my first blog of 2023 with my tips and tricks I look forward to the next blog so stay tuned.

Cheers Flick B

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