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Stressed Out?

Its been along couple of years I must say, with all of us learning new skills, like colouring hair at home just to mention one of them.

I am certian that alot of you have not done a to bad a job, Good work. Now this leaves the rest of you who decided to up the anti and self lighten your hair, that's right.

A portion of you probably got something resembling a chicken or a burnt orange colour. Some may of nailed it by fluke...and....some may have just really done a number on themself, whos to judge I had to build a sandpit, learn to be a peach tree expert (not a good one lol) . Ok so you damaged your hair, out of desperation came olaplex, curaplex, a bond builder, K18 and moisturising treatments and purlpe shampoo for blondes galore.

Right about now you could sell a salon back some retail, your partner thinks your starting a store in the bathroom and your friends have given you support on your socials along with the tutorials to fix it. Your totally pumped and got the Mega routine going and a 5am start to the day to get everything in just your hair....forget about the skin its all about the hair.

Feeling a little disheartend and poor, that, well my hair is still breaking right. I know lets go all natural Yeah thats it nature knows best. Move over Google this is for Pintrest, you begin searching and searching and searching for the perfect hair DIY repair.

Next you find your self ratting through the fridge, the kitchen pantry what do you find?

a half eaten avacado, a few strawberries and blueberries, spinach leaves, a can of your partners beer and your lost cruiser BONUS! That was just the fridge you plop it on the bench and, then get the olive oil, coconut oil, apple cider vineger and honey. By this time you are excited looking for the Nija Bullet Blender. Just like this goes with that at Susans in it goes. BZZZZZZt done the goop is ready to go.

You pop it on..WEELL with a spoon and grab the glad wrap pop that on and the left over you go stuff it waste not smear it all over your face too RIGHT why not. Grab the cruiser pop on netflix and settle in for a least two episodes. Nice and relaxed feeling Fabolous baby in comes The Partner Looks.....WTF...are you doing laughs alot, heads to fridge where's my beer, Babe? Deep Breathe you reply what beer? HeHe run off, wash off the evidence 30 minutes later after getting chunks of fruit and veg out of your hair yep well dam that did not work, my skin feels amazing though. Out of sheer desperation in the Bathroom your Partners clippers are looking red hot. In tears now sobbing,yelling I want my Hairdresser back Covid....Lets jump ahead shall we thats right to now. Its been 7 months since lock down you've been trimming a little yourself what else could you do even your Partner had a go, your brush is holding your once beautiful locks by now. Still embarressed to see your Hairdresser you don't come in. We Miss You. We want to see you and help you Why? We are trained to do so, beauty, good feelings, understanding ok some banter and share our stories of our miss haps. We don't want you to ever feel embarressed or ashamed nor guilty about anything with your hair with us. It's You we care about and your needs, all good salons train their Team that you are the Queen, Princess or your Grandmother and to treat you the way they would treat those People and those People are You our Guests.

By Flick Borg

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