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We have gone Sustainable

When your Apprentice asks can we go sustainable it's for a good cause you say YES!

Katie was very passionate about this for the future of The Funky Parlour to be apart of the greater good. As a lillte girl Katie always gave him less people money out of her pocket money or asked for a gold coin to give them. Right up to the young Mother she is today she has now given notes $$ no questions not worried about what they do with it she just does it.

I did ask her why? I got the answer why not? Fair enough our family has always donated clothes and haircuts and been apart of charities over the years.

So why go sustainable this is why

For every $3 fee our beautiful clients pay goes to Ozharvest and we thank you for being so supportive this feeds 1 Aussie and 2 New Zelanders, it gives nonable People a job in a fun culture.

That's not all you can bring back all your empty salon retail containers to be repurposed along with many other items . We collect long hair for wigs for kids among other exciting purposes.

Check out the link at the very top of the blog and check it out for yourself.

Thank you Katie for caring and thank you our Clients -Friends for sharing the love.

Yours truly



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Susan Hardy
Susan Hardy
Jul 15, 2023

Thankyou for inviting me love the new page

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